Heritage Fort Baler - Explore The Wilderness

Activities at Fort Baler

  • Village visit with Royal family.
  • Safari into nearby forests.
  • Boat Ride in Chambal river.
  • Discover the recepies of the Royal Kitchen.
  • Safari at Ranthambore can be planned.
  • Cultural program and folk music.
  • Village sports with local population.
  • Picnics with lunch in the forests.
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Heritage Fort Baler

The best way to explore the culture of any country is to travel to its remote areas and villages. The villages of Rajasthan are specially known for preserving their ancient glory of rich history of the Rajputs and for traditional culture. Various festivals and rituals are still celebrated in the manner as they were celebrated hundred of years back. Baler is a traditional village located on the banks of two largest rivers of Rajasthan Chambal and Banas. The village is surrounded by dense forests of Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary. When you visit Baler you can avail warmth of the Royal Hospitality offered by the Royal Family of Baler at their ancestral fort "Heritage Fort Baler". You can also take part in various activities to explore the wildlife around the village, to discover the rich culture of the rural Rajasthan and to quench your thirst for adventure. You can contact us for more details and to plan your travel to this unmatched real Heritage accommodation in the heart of the countryside of Rajasthan.

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